IWIinvestor KiwiSaver

Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust IWIinvestor KiwiSaver Initiative

It has been only a few short months since our AGM in December and as mentioned in the annual report we are almost at a stage of rolling out our KiwiSaver initiative that will assist owners with their retirement savings plans.


KiwiSaver is a government savings initiative to help set you up for your retirement. Most members will build up their savings through regular contributions from their pay.

If you are employed and are 18 years or over your employer is likely to be deducting contributions from your salary or wages and putting these towards your KiwiSaver retirement savings plan. You do not need to be employed or be over 18 years of age to join KiwiSaver.

Preparing for the future

Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust wants to encourage owners to start saving for their future.  The initiative, while a small step, is one that can help distribute benefit to owners through a regular contribution to their savings plan.

IwiInvestor KiwiSaver Initiative

The Trust is committing up to $30,000 per annum to owner IWIinvestor KiwiSaver schemes. If you are a registered owner in one of the Schedule 1 Lake Rotoaira Forest blocks and are registered with IWIinvestor’s KiwiSaver scheme on or by 31 May then you will be entitled to receive a share of the Trust’s annual contribution. The amount of individual contribution will depend on the number of eligible contributors each year.

Ideally, the Trust’s contribution will help you reach that annual savings threshold currently $1042.86 so that you receive the maximum additional benefit, a tax credit, of $521.43 per annum, basically more money towards your savings plan.

The Trust’s maximum contribution is $300 per owner per annum.


To be eligible you must be:

  1. A registered owner in at least one LRFT Schedule 1 block, and
  2. Registered to the IWIinvestor KiwiSaver scheme.

What you need to do

If you are a current contributor to IWIinvestor KiwiSaver scheme contact IWIinvestor and provide your KiwiSaver details - name, member number, and LRFT Shareholder number.

If you are not a current contributor to IWIinvestor KiwiSaver scheme then contact the IWIinvestor office for an Investment Statement, or visit their website www.iwiinvestor.co.nz and download the Investment Statement. When completing your member enrolment form it will ask for your adviser’s name - use “LRFT” in this space so you can be quickly identified as an LRFT member and have the Trust’s contribution applied.

To find out more about IWIinvestor’s KiwiSaver scheme contact the IWIinvestor office on 07-3787644 or 0800-123 864, visit their website on www.iwiinvestor.co.nz, or email info@iwinvestor.co.nz.

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Posted: Mon 14 Mar 2016