Meeting of owners in Lake Rotoaira inundated land blocks

A meeting of owners in the following blocks adjoining Lake Rotoaira is hereby called:

Rangipo North 1C1B1, Rangipo North 1C1B5, Rangipo North 1C1B6, Rangipo North 1C1B10, Rangipo North 1C1B11,

When:       5:30pm, Monday, 10 April 2017

Where:      Senior Citizens Building, Turangi

Purpose of the Meeting:

  1. To receive a report on the outcome of negotiations for the use of Lake Rotoaira and surrounding properties by Genesis Energy Limited for the purposes of hydroelectricity generation under the Tongariro Power Development Scheme that began in 1973.
  2. The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust is seeking the Maori Land Court noting of the easement and applying to Land Information New Zealand to register the easement.
  3. The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust will explain how the easement effects the blocks adjoining Lake Rotoaira, including:
    1. Boundary verification.
    2. Compensation accruing to individual affected blocks.
    3. Administration and distribution of compensation funds to the affected land owners.

Proposed Resolutions

  1. Approve the Genesis Agreement
  2. Approve the basis (pro-rata) for payment as outlined in the presentation
  3. Endorse the Survey and the registration of the Easement against all affected properties on a New Maori Land Plan based on the results of the Survey
  4. That LRFT be the distribution agency for the inundated land blocks.

A presentation will be provided by representatives of the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust followed by a discussion with the owners.


Kepa Patena


All enquiries phone: 07 3868834

Posted: Tue 04 Apr 2017