Meeting of owners in Lake Rotoaira Inundated Lands to elect new Trustees

Rangipo North 1C1B5, Rangipo North 1C1B6, Rangipo North 1C1B10 & Rangipo North 1C1B11

Date:              Thursday 27 July 2017

Time:              5:30pm

Venue:            Senior Citizen’s Building, Turangi

At their meeting held on 10 April 2017, the owners of the above named blocks sought to elect new Trustees for the purposes of considering a land inundation Agreement between the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust, Lake Rotoaira Trust, Genesis Energy Ltd and Other Inundated Lands.

The purpose of this meeting is to elect the new Trustees.  The sole Trustee is Kepa Patena.


Kepa Patena


All enquiries phone: 07 3868834

Posted: Tue 11 Jul 2017