Pest Control Operation - August 2018

Notification of 1080 aerial drop

On 24 August 2018 a controlled aerial drop of 1080 has taken place on the lands owned and managed by the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust (LRFT), covering the lands shown on the map below.


The drop was conducted by OSPRI via helicopter, on behalf of the Trust. OSPRI is a partnership between primary industries and the government, which manages two national programmes – NAIT and TBfree.

The operation was approved by the trustees as it satisfied the Trust’s pest control objectives to manage the impacts of possums, rats, stoats, and wild cats.

We advise owners and permit holders who intend to hunt in the area that dogs must keep out of the treated lands for a period of six months, for their safety. Signs are also placed at entrances to the land to advise our owners of the situation.

For further information on the Trust’s Pest Control programme, click on this link:

Pest Management Strategy’

About the Trust:

The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust represents the interests of 12,000 owners. Together we are all the kaitiaki of this whenua, waterways and taonga species associated with the lands. Our relationship with these taonga is based on a foundation of whakapapa and whānau.

The Trust manages 16,500 hectares of lands, including 9,500 hectares of exotic forest and 7,000 hectares of native forest. The native forest areas contain many species of native birds and native plants. Many of these are rare and endangered, and are at risk from pests like possums, rats, stoats, and wild cats.

Trustees of the Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust (the Trust), have a responsibility to act on behalf of its owners, current and future generations, while also undertaking its role as kaitiaki over taonga and whenua.

Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2018