Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust heralds new beginnings

The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust (LRFT) today announced the opening of its new offices in Turangi.

Chairperson Bubs Smith says “This is an exciting and positive move for the Trust.  Basing ourselves in Turangi, the heart of Tūwharetoa, keeps us connected to our people and builds on our Tūwharetoa-tanga”

“While previously we have shared offices and administrative functions with Lake Taupō Forest Trust (LTFT), we believe that now is the time to establish ourselves in our own space, as we prepare ourselves for the future, which holds new opportunities for us in terms of our forestry and tourism focus. The operational management of our forests has not changed.” said Smith.

LRFT was established in 1973 to represent the interests of the owners of 85 separate Māori land titles located on the slopes of mounts Pihanga, Tongariro, Kakaramea and Kuharua, around the shores of Lake Rotoaira, and in the upper Whanganui catchment.

LRFT is a Māori authority that administers the land interests of almost 11,000 owners and nearly 23,000 hectares of land including 9,600 hectares in productive world class plantation forestry in the central North Island of New Zealand.

Smith says, “as the global COVID-19 pandemic affects how we do business locally and internationally, we are confident that we can continue in our goal to become a fully diversified management company”.

The Trust continues to be focused on progressing and realising the aspirations of its people. “We believe the Trust has a responsibility to utilise and protect our taonga that safeguards our taiao and enhances the lives of owners and our hāpori”, says Smith.

The new office opens Monday 21st of September, 9am and is situated across the road from our old offices shared with LTFT. Any whānau wanting to access Rotoaira forests or services (e.g. permits for hunting or firewood, applying for grants) can do so by visiting us at our new office or by contacting reception at 07 386 8834.


  1. The Lake Rotoaira Forestry Trust (LRFT) is a separate entity to the Lake Taupo Forestry Trust (LTFT).
  2. The LRFT offices are located at:

Shop 9

81 Turangi Town Centre



Hours: 9am – 4pm Monday - Friday


Posted: Thu 10 Sep 2020