About the Trust


The Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust was established in 1973 to represent the interests of the owners of 85 separate Maori land titles located on the slopes of mounts Pihanga, Tongariro, Kakaramea and Kuharua, around the shores of Lake Rotoaira and Otamangakau, and in the upper Wanganui Basin.

Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust is a Maori authority that administers the land interests of over 12,000 owners and nearly 23,000 hectares of land including 9,600 hectares in productive world class plantation forestry in the Central North Island of New Zealand.


  • BIDDLE, Heemi James
  • CALLAGHER, Kerry
  • HARRIS, Judy Ngapera
  • KONUI, Desmond Grant Kepariki Tahi 
  • MARIU, Jamie Lee Te Paekitawhiti
  • SMITH, Tyronne 
  • TAITUMA, Frankie (Chairperson)
  • TONGA, Jody
  • TUPARA, John Rangituehu