Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust administer eighty-five Maori Land blocks - these land blocks are situated in the Maori Land District of Aotea - some have major conservation areas in accordance with principles of Kaitiakitanga of protecting Lake Taupo, Lake Rotoaira and associated rivers and tributaries.

The land blocks of LRFT are divided into three categories:

First Schedule Blocks

These blocks were included in the Trust for afforestation. Most were suitable for afforestation and were leased to the Crown and planted. They are now gradually being released from that lease.

While some blocks and parts of blocks proved unsuitable for afforestation, together they contributed to the viability and environmental management of Lake Rotoaira Forest. As the first rotation is completed in the forest, the First Schedule blocks are being re-assessed.

These blocks are the source of most of the Trust’s income and their owners participate in income distributions.

Second Schedule Blocks

These 12 Second Schedule blocks, situated around Lake Rotoaira, were vested in the Trustees for settlement of compensation and could not be leased or developed in forestry. The Trustees therefore ensure that the local and regional councils remit rates on these lands.

Third Schedule Blocks

The Third Schedule blocks are south of Turangi on either side of the Desert Road. They were vested in the Trust for the purpose of land exchange negotiations with the Crown in the 1980s, which came to nothing. All these blocks receive rates remissions. Rangipo North 6C produces income from a quarry.

Any proposals for development of Second or Third Schedule Blocks will be assessed by the Trustees under their land use policy and referred to the owners of the block concerned.

The Maori Land Court maintains all Maori Land ownership records.

First Schedule

Rangipo North 2D1
Mangahouhou 2A Rangipo North 2D2
Mangahouhou 2B Rangipo North 2D3
Mangahouhou 3A Rangipo North 3C
Mangahouhou 3B Ruamata
Mangahouhou 3C Section 1 Block V Pihanga Survey District
Mangahouhou 3D Tokaanu B2M8
Ngapuna Tokaanu B2M9
Ohuanga South 2D1A1 Tokaanu B2M10
Ohuanga South 2D2B Waihi Kahakaharoa 4B
Ohuanga South 2F1 Waihi Kahakaharoa 5
Ohuanga South 2G1 Waihi Kahakaharoa 6A
Ohuanga South 2H1A Waihi Kahakaharoa 6B
Ohuanga South 2J2 Waihi Kahakaharoa 7
Okahukura 2A Waihi Kahakaharoa Part 9C (Southern Severance)
Okahukura Part 2B2A Waimanu 1A
Okahukura 2B2B Waimanu 2C
Okahukura 2B2C Waimanu 2F1
Okahukura 2B2D Waimanu 2F2
Okahukura 3A Waimanu 2G1
Okahukura 4A Waimanu 2G2
Okahukura 4B1 Waimanu 2G3A
Okahukura 4B2 Waimanu Part 2G3B Northern Severance
Okahukura 5A Waiunu
Okahukura 5B

Second Schedule

Okahukura 6A2 Okahukura 1B
Okahukura 8M2B2A Okahukura 8M2B3A2
Okahukura 8M2B3A1 Okahukura 8M2B3B Balance
Okahukura 8M2B3A3 Puketi 1
Okahukura part 8M2B3B2 Rangipo North 1C1A
Okahukura 8M2C2B2 Rangipo North 2C1B
Oraukura 2 Rangipo North 2C1C1
Oraukura 4 Rangipo North 2C3A1
Papakai 1 Rangipo North 2C3A2
Pukawa 2F Waimanu 2A
Pukawa 2G1 Waipapa 2C2B
Pukawa 2G2 Waipapa Part 2B2C Balance
Puketi 2A2

Third Schedule

Puketi 2B2 Rangipo North 4C
Rangipo North 1C2 Rangipo North 5C
Rangipo North 1C3 Rangipo North 6C
Rangipo North 2C1C2 Rangipo North 7C
Rangipo North 2C1D

Purchased Crown Enclaves

Rangipo North 2C2B2 Part Okahukura 2B2
Rangipo North 2C3B Part Okahukura 2B2, 2B1A, 2B2 and Part Okahukura 2
Rangipo North 2C3C Part Okahukura 8M2B3A5 Sec 1 SO 452248

Purchased Crown Enclave

The Trust has acquired four parcels of Crown-owned land, together known as the Crown Enclaves, which are adjacent to LRFT lands. The lands became available through the Treaty of Waitangi Deferred Settlement Property process during 2013-14 and are a mixture of forestry, quarry and reserve lands. Discussions are under way with Ngati Hikairo about returning to them one of the blocks, which contains the waahi tapu known as the Huimako Cliffs.


This block was leased by Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust from the Waione Incoporation, sub-leased to the Crown and planted. In accordance with these arrangements, the Waione Incorporation has received its distribution proportionate to its land area in the forest. The Trust is pleased to have concluded discussions with the Waione Incorporation, who has agreed to extend their lease to 2050 to allow a full second rotation forest on the land and to have a right of renewal arrangement for a further rotation.